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Hardwood Harmony.

I hand-pick exceptional pieces of wood based on their tonal qualities, visual appeal, and structural integrity. When I’ve got the right woods for the right banjo, I put them together with great care to ensure the banjo sounds, plays and looks its very best.

Only the best woods.

Anybody could craft a banjo out of just about any wood, but that doesn’t mean they should. I believe that good woods make good banjos, which is why I meticulously search out only the best woods for my instruments.

Hand-selected pieces.

I spend countless hours searching through endless stacks of ever-changing wood at my suppliers. I believe that marrying the best, hand-selected woods available is how I can make the best banjos for my customers.

All parts working together.

The woods I choose all have their own inherent tonal and visual beauty. I build them in a way that allows each piece to shine while coming together to create the best sounding, best playing and best-looking banjos.

Options Abound.

All Dogwood Banjos are made completely by hand, with little in the way of templates and jigs. This way, I can easily accommodate your ideas or preferences to expertly craft that one of a kind custom-built instrument you’ve been dreaming of.


My hand-carved necks can be built to your exact specifications. Choose scale length, profile, nut width, and more. Choose the woods and materials that you want. Need help deciding? I’m here to help.


Bent rims are made from your choice of highest quality woods with classic or integral wooden tone rings and are available in a number of sizes.


Adornments, frailing scoops, fretless- or partially-fretless fingerboards, hardware, tuning machines — the list goes on. Just tell me what you want and I’ll make it happen.

Artistry and Craftsmanship.

Every Dogwood Banjo is built to play, look, and sound its absolute best for years to come. Buy with confidence knowing that your children and your grandchildren will be able to play and appreciate these banjos long after we’re gone.


Every single Dogwood Banjo is made entirely by me in my humble, southern Minneapolis shop, where I handcraft each instrument with extraordinary attention to detail.

Patiently perfected

I use the best materials available and take all the time I need to build these banjos as best I can. Rest assured, I will never sacrifice quality for efficiency or cost.

Form and Function

It is the prevailing law of all things banjo, of all true manifestations of banjoisty, that banjoism is recognizable in its expression, that form ever follows function.

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