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The Standard Dogwood $1695.

Every Dogwood Banjo I create is a one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted instrument. Together we’ll choose the right combination of woods, hardware and inlays to make this your special instrument.

That being said, there are several components that I consider standard with every Dogwood Banjo, regardless of the piece of art we develop together. Take a look below.

Tone Ring

Integral wooden tone ring or brass hoop tone ring.

Hardware and Tuner

Nuts, hooks, tension hoop and no-knot tailpiece. Premium Gotoh brand tuners.

Nut and Pip

Ebony nut and brass pip.


Remo Renaissance.


Custom dogwood strings or synthetic strings.


Three-piece laminated neck of Walnut, Maple or Cherry.

Frailing scoop

Alternately-shaped scoops available. Please inquire.

Truss Rod

Two-way adjustable truss rod.

Side dots

Position markers on fretboard.


Maple, multi-ply 11″ or 12″.

Extra Features (price varies).

For that extra special Dogwood Banjo. Get additional inlays, exotic woods, hardware upgrades and more.

Figured and Exotic Woods

Alternate Rim Specs

Non-wooden Tone Rings

Additional Inlays

Hardware Upgrades

Left-handed or long necks

Let’s Get Started!

Just fill out this simple form and let me know any questions you have. Or if you prefer, you can reach out via email or phone below. I look forward to speaking with you!
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Made with pride in Mpls, MN.

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    Also in Stores!

    Can’t wait to get your hands on a Dogwood Banjo? Can’t say I blame you. You can check my dealers to see if there’s a banjo that’s ready to go right now!
    The Podium — Minneapolis MN
    Carter Vintage Guitars — Nashville TN
    Elderly Instruments — East Lansing MI
    Music Folk — St. Louis MO